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A technology that can change the world but if no one understands it…who will really care?

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You want results. We have found that the best way to get them is with up front research – of your company, competitors, target market and customer psychographics. Only after we fully understand you and your customers, do we recommend a plan of attack.

Main Services

Business & Marketing Strategy Development

Like your Uber driver, we’re here to get you where you want to go. Any market, any industry. We’ll discover creative routes to secure your brand the audience adoption it will require to be successful. Simple. Whether that may be business to business or business to consumer, for 10’s of clients or 10’s of thousands of consumers.

Our customised strategies will determine suitable partnership opportunities, including utilizing our global network to secure introductions with primary stakeholders at exchanges, VC’s or mainstream global brands.

Social Media Promotions

Go viral on social media

We’ll dive into community growth and boosting your
project awareness.
Awareness Marketing is a multi-platform promotional


Content Marketing

Content is king.

You’ve heard it and it’s without having anything to market with, such as video content, imagery or even defined brand guidelines, is going to be virtually impossible. Or at least pretty unsuccessful. But why would you know that without experience?

You wouldn’t. Once we understand your brand, your products and services, we start work on planning the right content strategies for your target audience.

NFT Campaigns /General Airdrops:
Designing unique NFT campaigns.

Managing your campaigns.

We will create order books with consistently deep liquidity,
tight spreads, and stable pricing. Make your exchanges
more engaging with a high volume of ask/bid prices
through the best institutional-grade liquidity sources in the

Writing technical articles and/or publishing the them on biggest media outlets.

Managing communication channels,
including public groups and social media
Keeping community active
Devising plans and incentives to turn
community members into loyal long term

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

Growth hacking is a relatively new focus within the field of marketing focused on the growth of a company. It is referred to as both a process and a set of cross-disciplinary skills.

Other Services

We are an integrated agency that adds value where you need it most.

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